"Go-to mom in the moment" Monday...

In my observation (totally unprofessional) human beings (especially us moms) have some consistent and real needs. Here's how i might (unprofessionally) break down the main societal and personal needs i find present in my life and from what i see or hear- others as well...
  • the need for 'how to' books, manuals, or ideas for all the new this that and the others (which change at the speed of light)
    • for instance: social media and networking if one is a stay at home mom or working mom or any other kind of humanoid who is trying to keep up with an exciting but often overwhelming world 
    • parenting in the moment for varied ages of kids, circumstances, styles, opinions, lifestyles, well just parenting 'in the moment issues' in general
    • how-to keep going in one's relationships and daily life when life kicks you in the behind.  For example: dealing with hormonal or chemical issues, depression, addiction, crazy-luny feelings, marital irks and pains, postpartum yuck state-of-mind, loss of loved one, irrational fears, being broke, being uber wealthy but not wanting your kids to be jerky spoiled, oh well you get the picture: when life happens and you have to figure out a way to look at your toes first thing in the morning and say "Toes, wiggle.  Now feet, move. Now legs, get me out of this bed.  Now body, walk into the day..."
  • the need for more time to play, rest one's brain, and laugh
  • the need for community and connectedness in a world that moves more into isolation and 'frady catness' cause of all the negative debbie downer news that tickers through the screens we watch through the day or night
  • the need for storytelling- hearing others stories and telling our own; helping us make more sense of each other (helping relationships), make more sense of ourselves (so we don't stay stuck in the muck), make more sense of the world (build empathy and understanding rather than judgment and close-mindedness) 
Many other needs are no doubt in existence, but this is a list that struck in me a need to do these things, share ideas, tell others stories and ideas, tell my own story, bring women and moms together to feel more connected and less stressed and isolated, help us laugh at ourselves more-- well, you get the picture. 
So I'll be your 'go-to' mom in the moment you might need to have a lighter load, or fresh idea, or not feel so alone in your world.
As Mondays come and go, I would like to share with you a story- one I know well because it is my own.  Its not that I'm super smart, its that i've lived a lot in a short time, just like you.  But I'm a writer and human who happens to love stories and learn from stories, real life ones.  "why are we the way we are?" "what in the world am i here for?" "how can we be nicer to each other, build peace and love into real life"  These are the questions that roll around my brain from sun up to sun down, while walking through daily routine like mothering, work, and trying to be at least slightly healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
 i will share pieces of the puzzle that i find sometimes 'fit' and sometimes don't 'fit' into life as a human, a woman, a mother, and the other bunch of things that make up me.  Just like there are oodles of things that make up you- more than you probably realize.  All of which bring more joy and fulfillment and possible whole person health when found and tried to fit into your puzzle. 
Lets try to make some sense of some of the questions or perplex-tions that rattle in our brains. 
Ideas to make life more
liveable, laughable, and loveable
even in the middle of the potential muck.
First Monday Moment will be...
How to keep living and mothering in the midst of-

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