7th day

my face hurts. a really lot. it burns and feels tender. but pre-cancer cells are melting away, and that is good. 
Don't have much to say, have much in my brain
not sure how to say. 
working on that. 
here's kind of what it looks like inside though. 
anyhoo, thought i'd check in and say 7 days into Efudex isn't too terribly bad.  a little self-conscious, but i know it's going to get worse before better. 
thought I'd share this quite amazing entry that super encouraged me and put a spring in my lolligagging step from: 
Austin Kleon author of Newspaper Blackout. 

and grateful for brother C today- you have copious creativity streaming through your being, thanks for drawing pictures with me when i was a tiny tot. and you are a dang good doctor. and a dang good brother.

that's all for now.

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