Percipient Satire... a breath of fresh air

You can never underestimate the power of satire...
"Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain."-Charlie Chaplin

So funny how themes seem to emerge through the course of a day, a week, etc. 
When i wrote the last blog post, i was responding to a 'chill in the air' kind of feeling, a pessimistic overtone flying overhead--
and then i realized the sentiment over negative press, fear based rhetoric, and the like 
reached farther than i at first perceived...
Been doing some reading, wanting to understand more of why we do what we do, especially in particularly less-civil-than-usual-times and stumbled upon a great read--
 Also- Amartya Sen had some super insightful things to say in Development as Freedom:
(talking about freedom) "We should ask ourselves whether it nourishes us or deprives us, whether it makes us mobile or hems us in, whether it enhances self-respect or diminishes it, and whether it enables us to participate in our communities or prevents us from doing so..."
So in considering our freedoms which we claim as our cornerstone, our foundation-- the banality of pandering to fear as a method of wooing people to one's 'side' whether politically or otherwise is so very sadly contradictory to our original intent as a nation.  
Personal responsibility, searching and researching, thinking our own detective thoughts (that hopefully evolve over time so as not to get stagnant) AND being willing to find ways to laugh at ourselves in the process, perhaps important things to reconcile with these days?
Here's a few great reads for our thinks...
and loads of thought-provoking what nots to rummage through here:
and a good example (thank goodness!) of the intro bit to this admittedly nebulous post,

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