Mother-Daughter Duet Continued...

So it's been about 8 months since we saw our combined effort, combined sleep deprivation, tears, unexpected laughter and co-therapy (for the sake of finishing said effort), in print for the first time.  Mother Daughter Duet. A feat that at points in certain chapters almost defeated us. But alas, finito!
            Since then we've tried to figure out all this social media jive, learn online "presence" as social media gurus and publishers tout around the web. 
We’ve both had quite a time with the process, frustrated with what we don’t understand of the how-to’s, overly high expectations of ourselves swarming above our heads, our perpetual to-do lists that are impossibly impossible to conquer through the course of one day…  wait, did I just say ‘we’? Have we just stumbled upon significant commonalities from which to connect in some new and creative way?   
Ironic that for all those years we struggled most relationally due to our differences we have found such a similar chord. 
I have to say I'm glad we get to go on this next phase, this learning curve TOGETHER and I don't have to go it alone.  
I don't remember the last time I acknowledged that or said it “out loud”.  Not sure why I've always acted fiercely independent; when, in fact most of the time I’ve been quite scared.  
Or why for so long I collected much of my cynicism toward the world, organized religion, and issues with my weight, struggle through school, postpartum depression, etc etc… 
…in a bottle and every once in a while shook that bottle up, pointed it at you (why oh why), twisted off the bottle cap, and sprayed the carbonated contents on you—of all people?!  The one who probably cared the most for my welfare?  The one who raised me?
Without diving too deep into the psychological pool of my maladaptive daughter behaviors (oh did I say I was sorry by the way?) 
My question to you is this-- What was the major lesson or value or skill (or what-have-you) that you felt most gut-level, unyielding, resolutely determined to impart or give me; even when I opened the bottle top and let the contents fly?  Even in those stages when I most gave you the “you’re supposed to read my mind” looks or the “you don't understand me” tirades or well, you remember. 
Oh, did I say I was sorry by the way?

Eagerly anticipating your response, 
aka, your daughter. 

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